Three and a bit years later

I have a spammer to thank for reminding me about this blog I started when the boys were young. I received an email notifying me of a new comment on a very old post and after a couple of guesses at my password I managed to log in for the first time in years.

Three and a bit years later
I can’t believe how much has changed since then. My last post talked about how I thought Sam had an allergic reaction to tomatoes at his birthday party. It was in fact the caterpillar cake, well the marzipan fruits to be precise. We found out a few months after this that he has a life threatening allergy to both tree nuts and peanuts. And it’s become a huge part of his life. Although he deals with it fantastically well. It was also really interesting to read back my fears that he’d struggle at school and be overly violent. His last school report at the end of reception year commented on how popular and kind hearted he is! He’s very bright and has the type of character that endears him to the teaching staff and allows him to get away with murder at school!

20130804-222703.jpgIt is also strange that the last post I wrote about Aidan was his first day at school. A couple of weeks ago he had his last day at infants school and is going to start at the completely separate junior school in September. He can’t wait and I definitely think he’s ready it. He also likes school but his strength by far is in physical activities, in which he excels. He’s a fantastically strong swimmer, bike rider, gymnast, hip-hop dancer, basketball player, tennis player…you get the idea. He absolutely loves any form of exercise, especially if it means being able to take off his top and show off his six pack! No surprise he is a hit with the girls who apparently think that he’s “really cool” according to one of the girls’ mums!

I think that’s all for now. I will try to update more frequently! See you in another couple of years then!!


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It’s been so long … again

Have to apologise massively again for the lack of posts. My excuse is that I went back to work full time in April and haven’t been able to find the time to post at all.

So since my last post we’ve had Sam’s and Aidan’s birthdays. So in chronological order;

For Sammy’s birthday we just all went round to mum and dads for a tea party for the boys. Sam loved his hungry caterpillar cake, he’s got a bit of a thing for ‘pillar’ at the moment. Only downside to the day was that he seemed to have a bit of an allergic reaction to the tomatoes. His face went all red and lips puffed up. Poor thing. As an aside, his skin has also been really bad recently and I’m not really sure what else we can do for it.

Sam (or Fam as he calls himself) is really coming into his own at the moment. He won’t shut up! Ever! And he’s just so cheeky. I just went into him because he wasn’t going to sleep. I told him that he needs to go to sleep now. He replies ‘okay’ and as I’m going out the door I hear fake snoring! He’s two for crying out loud! It’s really difficult to be cross with Sam because he’s always quick to make people laugh. He’s a very intelligent child I fear. He’s also a bit violent and I must admit to being a bit worried at times. Like when I caught him hitting his bunny rabbit and when I told him that wasn’t very nice he replied ‘Oh, just put cream on it’ or when he said ‘Dinosaur is sad’ and when we asked why he proceeded to throw dinosaur across the room and said ‘like that’! He’s also coming up with some great phrases like ‘it’s a bit fine’ when he talks about something being okay.

Aidan is now a big four year old and reminds me of that regularly. He is still as kind and sensitive as ever. Although I have caught him giving Sam secret punches when he thinks I not looking (at which Sam laughs). He really loves Ben 10 and is regularly found running round aimlessly making ‘pshhh’ noises and hitting his wrist which turns him into swampfire or echo echo! For his birthday he got some ben 10 dressing up clothes which he loved. We also took him to the zoo on his birthday. He loved the giraffes. Sam loved the ‘meer-dogs’ (Sam’s take on wolves after he’d just seen the meercats!).

He’s still loving school. And is getting more and more confident playing with the other children which pleases me know end as I was very worried about him being so quiet and shy. We went to a birthday party recently at a soft play center and he just ran off to play with his friends and joined in all the party games without a backward glance at me. I was really proud of him.

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My baby is turning 2

On the eve of his second birthday I thought I’d write down a few words that describe my little monkey, Sam.

Fearless, brave and strong
Fun-loving, kind, smart
Idolises his big brother
Runs before he walks

Master of head stands
And of the dance floor
Adores animals especially chickens
Always helps tidy up

Cheeky, pushy, gets away with it
Independent but loves his mummy
Entertainer, sociable, joker
Beautiful son to be proud of.

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School boy

On Thursday 14th January Aidan started pre-school at the school where my sister works. He looks so grown up now in his uniform I can’t believe how quickly the past 4 years have gone.

He is really enjoying the school though and impressed his teachers by being the only one who could put his jumper and coat on without assistance which made him (and me) very proud! The teachers there say he’s great because he just gets on with it and does as he’s told.

I think Aidan enjoys it so much because it’s organised fun, and being the careful and structured child he is that suits him well. It does make me wonder what Sam will be like when he starts though!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Aidan with his snowmanI can’t really get away without mentioning the snow, given that it’s apparently the coldest winter for thirty years. On January 6th we woke up to a good 8-10” of snow. Aidan was thrilled, especially since his favourite book/film over Christmas was Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman. Both boys went outside to see the snow.

Sammy though was less impressed with the cold, wet, slippery snow and wanted to go back inside. So Aidan and I waited for his nap and then went out to build the BEST snowman!

Aidan and Grandad sliding in the snowMatt and Kate's rubbish snowman!When Sam awoke we went round to mum and dad’s to play some more. Sammy tried again to see where the fun was in this snow malarkey but again decided it wasn’t for him and went back inside with mum and my sister whilst Aidan and my dad decided to slide down mum and dad’s sloped garden on a few baking trays!

My sister and brother in law attempted to build a snowman, but I’m telling you it was a pathetic excuse for a snow man and they quickly gave up!

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Christmas 2009

Aidan and Sam at ChristmasChristmas 2009 was a relatively quiet, but enjoyable, one in our household. As we’ve done for the past three years we had Christmas at home with just me, Vince and the boys. It’s so much less stressful that way and the boys were able to enjoy playing with their new toys.

For Christmas Aidan got his much asked for ‘bike with pedals’! We took him out on it and after about 15 minutes was a pro. I was so proud of him riding his bike without stabilisers. He’s had a likeabike since his second birthday so is quite used to balancing on a bike and I think it’s this that allowed him to ride a real bike so early on. Sammy has now inherited the likeabike but is so far showing less interest in it, especially when we don’t push it along for him!

Sam’s favourite toy was his tea set and lego. He also really loves the arts and crafts presents my sister got Aidan for Christmas and will spend ages sitting at the table colouring. It’s an amazing attention span given that he’s not yet one. Although my mum did point out to me today that at some point he decided to use his artistic skills decorating the inside of our curtains with green pen!

For Christmas dinner Vince cooked a ham this year rather than the usual turkey. Mainly because the boys adore ham and so we thought they’d like that. It was really lovely, we got it from a local farm (Prior’s Hall Farm) and the quality was amazing. I would highly recommend it! Although there was a point I didn’t think we’d have a kitchen to cook it in. We got our new kitchen from Ikea delivered on the 10th December. We were building it ourselves and only got the worktop and cooker in on Christmas Eve along with the Christmas tree as we didn’t have the room beforehand to put one up! It’s all done now and looks amazing.

On Boxing Day we went round to Mum’s. Strangely it seems Father Christmas got confused and left some presents for Aidan and Sam round mum’s! Needless to say the boys were delighted, Aidan received a tool box (with tools that actually make drilling/sawing noises – those toys live at Nanny’s) and Sammy got a kitchen which he adores.

The final event on our calendar was a meal round my sister in laws. Actually, we didn’t realise that she was going to be serving food so we’d actually already eaten before arriving. Didn’t stop us tucking into the cheeses and breads and cakes mind you! Aidan and Sam loved playing with their cousins Louis and Daisy. Aidan and Louis enjoyed singing various songs from Boogie Beebies (in particular Dig It!) whilst Sammy and Daisy played with their tea sets!

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Update! Long time no post…

Not sure where the last few months have gone to be honest. It’s Christmas in 19 days and fortunately I’m all done – the earliest yet! So an update on the boys, in alphabetical order:


Aidan is going to be starting preschool at the school my sister works in January. I’m a bit nervous as he’s already expressed concerns that he won’t have any friends. I know he’s only three but is quite a deep thinker at the moment. He is growing up fast though and insists on having his hair done before he goes out and then for the rest of the day insists that no-one touches his hair in case it goes flat! Such a little man! He’s also really excited about Christmas. We are off to the Santa’s grotto at Harrod’s tomorrow and I’ve had to explain quiet carefully that we are only telling Father Christmas what Aidan wants for Christmas and not to expect the present to arrive tomorrow. Time is a very difficult concept for a little one to understand. I think I’ve got away with it though explaining that Father Christmas can’t give us the presents just yet because our tree isn’t ready.


Well, what can I say?! He’s still cheeky as ever. But he is a really sweet little boy too. We had a parents evening at his nursery a couple of weeks ago and they said he is the most polite and helpful child in the class. Which he is at home too … when he’s not biting his brother! That is something that is causing us a bit of heartache at the moment. Whenever he gets cross with Aidan he grabs Aidan’s finger and bites it. No matter how much we tell him it’s wrong or tell him off and explain to him that it’s wrong to hurt Aidan it doesn’t seem to get through. I don’t think he fully understands how much it hurts. Hopefully it’s a phase he’ll grow out of and thankfully he doesn’t do it at nursery.

On a happier note, his vocabulary is really good and he’s started to speak in sentences. He is a very bright boy and picks things up so quickly. I don’t think he fully understands about Christmas yet but he does adore all the lights everywhere. And I’m sure he’ll love the pressies. He is really into pretend play and will spend hours at a pretend kitchen making food and giving it out to us. I swear our boys think that cooking is a man’s job since Vince does all the cooking in our house and I’m rubbish at it!

Well, I am planning to write again tomorrow after we’ve visited the grotto. I am both excited and a bit apprehensive about how it’s all going to go (the queuing, being shy, over excitement etc!). Wish me luck!

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